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Welcome to the dark and purple "Midzi Forest"
"Everything start with a letter.."
Felghana is a cat wizard who use wizardry of the four seasons. she is known throughout the continent of Rosol.
After received a letter from the mayor of Midzi, in the Midzi Forest, she decided to help this place. Throughout her journey, she will encounter the few inhabitants of the town, befriend them, she will save the forest by restore the Season Pillards, now controlled by the Purple Witch. The one who corrupt this land, and theses slimes...
[More coming...]
  • A Magic Plateformer!

You only can attack with magic, magic who will consume your mana. Even if it's reload slowly, avoid to spam your magic! Or you will need a huge amount of potions! 

Some orbs allow you to exchange life and mana, suffer to get more mana, get less magic to life more, a balance's story!

  • Make friendship!

Throughout your journey, you will be able to talk with people of Midzi. The more you talk with them, the more they will be friend with you, the more you will learn about the forest! Who know, you can even start a love story!

  • Season themed level!

Each part of the Midzi forest correspond to a season, corrupted with the purple of the "Purple Witch". Save the forest, for your love with slimes!

  • Concepts Arts
"Felghana and a slime"
"Felghana and the Potions Alchemist"

Game by Moka,
Programming,idea,scenario, lead: Moka
Concepts Art Credits: Kalidora
Sprite Credits: Kalidora, free ressources
Music Credits: Peritune, free ressources


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